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1. In order to obtain information about test and analysis services in EGE-MATAL or to request test and analysis services, it is done through the e-mail address of the

laboratories mentioned below.


2. In order to obtain information or to request analysis, the request is forwarded to the above mentioned e-mail address of the laboratory.

3. The email sent is answered with standard email text indicating "the email is received and the request will be answered quickly".

4. If information is requested, the relevant laboratory staff will inform the e-mail address.

5. If a test or analysis is requested, the (approximate) analysis service fee and analysis schedule related to the test/analysis to be made are transmitted by e-mail and

the sample is requested to be delivered to the EGE-MATAL Sample Acceptance Unit together with the analysis request form.

6. If the requested analysis requires preliminary discussion with the laboratory responsibilities, the appointment date and time are also notified by e-mail.


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