Central Research Test and Analysis Laboratory Application and Research Center


Discount ratios are, 50% for Ege University staff, 60% for Ege University SRP (Scientific Research Projects) Assisted Projects. 40% discount is applied for the staff of all universities in İzmir and 30% for other universities and public institutions with the R & D Projects of the companies established in Tecnocenter.

60% discount is applied to Ege University staff  and it is applied as 75% to SRP (Scientific Research Projects) -funded projects  if these projects are considered as postgraduate thesis. In addition, this discount is applied as 80% for the analysis requests coming from the research projects of the undergraduate students who are commissioned with the new SRP (Scientific Research Projects) system and to encouraged  Ege University undergraduate students to research.

Services made from state supported ARGE projects (BAP, TUBITAK, Ministry etc.) are exempted from tax.

  • Biological Analysis and Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Imaging and Internal Structure Analysis Laboratory
  • Chromatography and Spectroscopy Laboratorya
  • Mechanical and Thermal Analysis Laboratory
  • Liquid Nitrogen Production Facility