Çerez Örnek



Ege University Application and Research Center for Testing and Analysis (EGE-MATAL) was established with the infrastructure project supported by the Ministry of Development and started testing

and analysis services in 2015.

Among the goals of our laboratory are to make Ege University a trademark until the basic researches that develop rapidly and to the sectors and the tests and analyzes that are applied in product

and production processes. Other objevtives can be listed as,

 - To create interdisciplinary working environment by accommodating advanced research facilities which are common needs of Ege University units,

- To carry out the testing and analysis needs of the SME and Industry organizations cooperating with the technocenter and university,

-To provide the infrastructure necessary to increase scientific publications, external research projects, patents, commercializable products,

- To train specialists who are able to use advanced analytical devices effectively in the university,

- Ensure that the center operates in accordance with the relevant standard (TS EN ISO / IEC 17025) and undertake studies to ensure that the analyzes made can receive accreditation



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